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October is National Book Month!

With the weather cooling down it is the perfect time to settle in and snuggle up with your favorite book.

Reading can improve your mental health, vocabulary, spelling, and even memory.

What book will you be reading this month? Check out one of our GemmaMedia or Gemma Open Door books here.

National Book Month
Adult Education & Family Literacy

Adult Education & Family Literacy Week

By helping the 43 million adults in the United States without basic reading skills, we empower them to find better job opportunities with higher salaries & better working conditions.

Gemma is proud to be a part of the adult education and literacy community. For more information about how you or your organization can participate in this special week, go to

Gemma Author Launches Stunning New Website

Greta Gorsuch is one of our most popular HiLo authors.

She has written The Night Telephone, Queen Serene, The Cell Phone Lot, and many others that have encouraged a love of reading for ESL and adult literacy students.

Learn more about Greta and her other works at her beautiful new website.

Indigo Girl, Suzanne Kamata, Adult literacy tools
The Night Telephone, Adult Literacy, Literacy, Adult Education

New Release: THE SPY

Meet Pearl Dubois, a wealthy Southern belle who moves to Paris during World War II to gather intelligence for the first American spy agency.

While on a secret mission to retrieve photos of German spies, she is ambushed by Nazi soldiers and taken prisoner.

Check out Gemma’s latest Hi-Lo book by award-winning author Suzanne Kamata and discover how Pearl uses her wits to plot an escape.

INDIGO GIRL Reading by Author, Suzanne Kamata

Listen as Suzanne Kamata reads a passage from INDIGO GIRL. She introduces us to fifteen-year-old Aiko Cassidy, a bicultural girl with cerebral palsy who lives with her mother in Michigan. Having recently contacted her biological father, an indigo farmer, she is invited to spend the summer in Japan with his family. As she gets to know her dad and the story of his break with her mom, Aiko rethinks the meaning of family.

Suzanne shares this tender story with us as helpful writing prompts and encouragement for the new writer.

Indigo Girl, Suzanne Kamata, Adult literacy tools

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